Using the Genesis IS ACD Callback Behavior Feature

Genesis IS ACD Callback Behavior Feature

Increase satisfaction and efficiency by offering callers a callback instead of waiting on hold for an agent to answer their call. When a call is routed by the Genesis IS ACD Callback* behavior, the caller is prompted to enter a callback number, date, and time for the callback. Alternatively, the ANI (Caller ID) can be used as the callback number. At the specified date and time, a callback announcement is then routed to an agent.

The Genesis IS ACD Callback feature can be selected as the default, scheduled, override, or ANI match behavior for each client, or can be added to one of the branches of the navigation menu.

Configuration Options with the ACD Callback Behavior

  • A user-friendly recorded greeting can be selected to play to the caller.
  • With the Play Prompt option, IS Voice Services will play “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” or “Good evening” based on the time of day, prior to the greeting.
  • A menu with the option to enter a date and time for a callback can be played or the Callback Now option disables this menu and creates a dispatch job that is due immediately.
  • A Multiple Per Client option enables the caller to have multiple callback requests.
    • This means if someone calls a client to enter a work order for a leaking sink at noon, a broken toilet at 1 p.m., and a broken hand dryer at 3 p.m., three separate dispatch jobs are in the dispatch list for that callback number.
  • The caller has the option to leave the callback number of their choosing. If the Use ANI for Callback option is enabled, the IS Server will automatically pull the caller’s Automatic Number Identification (Caller ID) to use as the callback number.
  • An alternate set of prompts for caller input is available with the New Prompts option.
    • With this option, IS Voice Services plays, “Please press one to save your Caller ID as the callback number, two to enter an alternate call back number.”  If the New Prompts check box is cleared, IS Voice Services plays, “Press three to enter your callback number, two to save your Caller ID as the callback number, nine to exit this menu.”
  • The Dispatch Display Name will identify the dispatch job that is created in the Dispatching List when a caller requests a callback. Enter the text to display as the dispatch job name when a caller submits a callback request for this client.
  • The Dispatch Template menu is a list of templates that can be used to create dispatch jobs.

*The Genesis IS ACD Callback Behavior is an optional feature. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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