Why We Love Amtelco Secure Messages (and You Should Too!)

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Amtelco Secure Messages is a secure and reliable messaging solution. Designed as a pager replacement, the app is compatible with iPhone®, iPad,™ Apple Watch,™ and Android™ mobile devices. Users can send and receive secure encrypted messages, images, videos, audio recordings, and PDF files. Using Amtelco Secure Messages in your organization makes it easy for your employees to communicate quickly and efficiently.

HIPAA Compliant, Secure Encrypted Text Messaging Solution

The app is a HIPAA and HITECH-compliant messaging app, allowing your organization to securely send and receive PHI. Communications are kept confidential, and end-to-end message encryption ensures that messages in transit are secure. Unlike traditional SMS text messages, messages are not stored on users’ devices. In the event of a missing or stolen device, users have built-in security because the app can be remotely disabled. If their device is found, it can be reactivated again.

To ensure security, administrators can set complexity requirements for agent passwords, user passwords, and passcodes, including the number of retries allowed before a lockout, expiration, number of reuses, and uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character requirements.

Phone calls placed from the app can be routed through Amtelco’s Genesis platform, enabling your users to keep their device’s phone number private. Instead, your call center or organization’s phone number can be displayed.

You can also provide your employees with a pool of devices to use at work and keep personal devices off the network. With Shared Device Licenses, different users can log into a device and retrieve their messages without sharing logins or an inbox.

Integrations to Streamline and Simplify Communications

The Amtelco Secure Messages platform helps streamline and simplify communications with various integrations available to meet your business needs. Connect the app with your other call center platforms and systems to make sharing data easy. Chris Tucker, CEO, stated that Physicians Answering Group Exchange chose Amtelco’s app since it integrates easily with Amtelco’s answering service software. When researching other options, he determined that other vendors didn’t offer the all-in-one complete solution that the organization was looking for.

Amtelco’s scheduling solution integration enables your team to contact on-call staff quickly and securely. The applications connect to on-call schedules and allow you to select the current on-call personnel and send a message. On-call staff can check their schedules on the go, so they always know when they are on-call.

Customized Notifications

Amtelco Secure Messages users have the ability to turn notifications off and on, customize their away messages, and select ring tones to differentiate from normal and high-priority notifications.

When users turn off their notifications, they may enter a custom ‘Away Message’ or choose from a list of pre-programmed messages. Their message is displayed to other contacts. Similar to an out-of-office notification, an auto-reply message is sent to any user who sends a secure message to a user who is away. The date and time can also be set for the ‘Away Message’ to start and end.

Normal and High Priority Sounds are available to specify which sound is played when notifications are turned on and a normal or high priority message is received. Users will instantly know the priority of their incoming messages and be alerted of any urgent messages.

Provides Accountability

Administrators or managers have access to full reporting for every message sent through Amtelco’s secure messaging app, ensuring accountability for all of your communications. Audit reports and message history include timestamps to indicate when messages have been delivered, read, and completed. Read receipts provide extra assurance that your message was delivered and read.

Convenient and Quick Messaging Solution

Quick Phrases are common phrases that make replying to messages faster. Users can edit and add to their list of Quick Phrases.

Contact Circles groups contact lists based on your users’ needs to help message multiple recipients quickly. Using Contact Circles, users can send a message to one contact, multiple contacts, or an entire group.

Custom hyperlinks can be added to the app menu to provide easy access to web pages and web-based applications.

The Persistent Alerts feature sends repeat notifications of messages until the message is opened on your device or the maximum number of notification attempts have been made.

Unify Your Communications Now

The features mentioned above make Amtelco Secure Messages a great option for any organization seeking secure communications. Jamie Pineau, Owner – Debra’s Medical Telemessaging, indicated, “Amtelco’s secure messaging app has definitely been a benefit for our business. Our Supervisors love it; it makes their jobs easier to get messages through so they are not tied up and the workload does not back up.”

Secure Messaging App

Keep communications simple, secure, and streamlined by easily sharing texts, photos, videos, or voice recordings via our HIPAA-compliant app.